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Bengals Commit A Season-High 11 Penalties Against The Colts

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Entering the bye week with a 4-2 record is an exciting feeling, mostly because the expectations for this 2011 Cincinnati Bengals squad were so low. However based on Cincinnati's 27-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts, there's a lot that this team still needs to work on. For instance Cincinnati was flagged for a season-high 11 penalties against the Colts, costing the team 111 yards.

Andrew Whitworth was called for two false starts, with a third committed by tight end Donald Lee, who also was called for an offensive holding. Andre Caldwell committed an offensive holding which negated his 16-yard gain that would have converted a third down earlier in the game.

Defensive back Morgan Trent was called for a hold, as well as a pass interference that put the Colts offense at Cincinnati's one-yard line and three plays later, Dallas Clark hauled in a touchdown pass to reduce their deficit to three points.

Peko was flagged for an offsides and Kyle Cook was caught with a "late hit" (even though the whistle didn't blow when he made contact) that cost the Bengals a 15-yard penalty (only 13 yards due to half-the-distance).

While the penalties didn't result in substantial issues during the game, it did hurt the team's chances from making it less nerve-wrecking.

"We overcame ourselves again," Lewis said. "We got to fix those things. It kept us from kind of distancing ourselves a little bit.