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Cincinnati Bengals Remain Quiet On Carson Palmer Trade To The Oakland Raiders

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The Cincinnati Bengals remain mum on the reported Carson Palmer trade that virtually every NFL insider is reporting, and if you're reminded Warren Sapp, Donte Whitner and Shaun Rogers no one can blame you for being a little nervous.

There's reasons for this all of which points to this: The Cincinnati Bengals never confirm a player transaction (signing, waiving, releasing) until the team officially announces it, which generally happens after paper work is submitted and approved through the league office.

Before any of that however, Oakland will have to conduct a physical; which is currently happening per Chris Mortensen, though he's expected to pass. Additionally the Oakland Raiders will have to work with Palmer to get his contract under the salary cap. According to ESPN's NFL Insider John Clayton, the Raiders "have $6 million left under the cap" and Palmer's salary cap number is roughly over $11 million. However, as far as we understand, teams don't have to be under the cap until the end of the regular season and wouldn't cause any delays for the trade to be finalized through the league office.

As far as we understand it, the deal is done and an announcement is forthcoming. We're just now at the stage of hearing confirmation from one of the team's or the league office and not an NFL Insider.