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Peter King On Carson Palmer Trade: Borderline Swindle For Cincinnati

One of the beautiful things about Twitter is that people's initial reactions are shown to the greater population of the entire planet Earth and anyone following is privy to it. It's gotten some people into trouble (read, Rashard Mendenhall) and its (at times) overusage supported an overreactionary argument (see, Jay Cutler's knee in the playoffs last year) when players called the quarterback anything other that the female organ that rhymed with the name of one Jerry Seinfeld girlfriends. That being said, here are a couple quick reactions to the Carson Palmer trade:

Peter King of Sports Illustrated:

First reaction, after picking up jaw from floor: I understand why the Raiders did it, but this is a borderline swindle for Cincinnati.
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Albert Breer of NFL Network

Bengals clearly win here. They have Palmer's replacement already, in Dalton, and Palmer wasn't going back there. And they get 2 high picks.
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Pete Prisco from

I love Palmer move for both teams. My Raiders playoff pick looks solid
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Former Bengals guard Evan Mathis (one of my favorite people to follow):

The Carson Palmer trade leads me to believe that ghosts do exist.
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