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Bengals Play Of The Game During 27-17 Win Over The Indianapolis Colts

[Editors note: This is from one of our video reviews from Monday]

From their own 33-yard line, the Colts geared up for another sustained drive in the hopes to, at the very least, tie the game. Curtis Painter takes the shotgun snap, enjoys the comfortable pocket and targets Pierre Garcon's two-yard in-route, catching the well thrown ball at the Colts 36-yard line. On the play Brandon Johnson, lined up over Dallas Clark, redirects the tight end while holding his zone five yards off the line of scrimmage. Garcon catches the football and Johnson wraps him up, but the receiver is able to stay on his feet in a futile attempt to keep the play alive. Garcon even made the completely insane (dare I say game-losing) decision to lateral it to someone behind him, leaving the football completely exposed. Reggie Nelson takes advantage, lowering his right shoulder square into Garcon, forcing the wide receiver to lose the football.

Once Reggie Nelson dislodged the football from Garcon, the football took a single bounce into the loving embrace of defensive end Carlos Dunlap, who said to Brandon Tate, this is how you return a football. Dunlap became the second Bengals defensive lineman to score a touchdown in consecutive weeks, following up Geno Atkins' touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.

A sigh of relief is exhaled across the Queen City as the Bengals secure a more comfortable 10-point lead with over two minutes remaining in the game. Mike Nugent, forced to kick from the 20-yard line after Cincinnati's 15-yard celebration penalty after Dunlap's touchdown, smokes the football 80 yards in the air that forced returner Joe Lefeged to catch the football on the opposing goalline, even drifting two yards deep in the endzone. He brought it out where Cedric Peerman, one of the team's special teams players of the game, stood up Lefeged at the 14-yard line with Gibril Wilson giving the assist and forcefully dropping the returner to the ground. Now we're pumped.