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Cincy Jungle Reader Quoted In Yahoo! Sports Michael Silver Article

The great Bengals fans and readers of Cincy Jungle were euphoric on Tuesday, learning that Mike Brown finally relented, trading quarterback Carson Palmer and receiving a fairly shocking return with a first round pick in 2012 and a second-rounder in 2013. It was a day unlike any we've had for some time in Cincy Jungle, where everyone was simply happy with the result and high-fiving each other no matter whom offered up their hand.

Joel Thorman of highlighted some of your comments on SB Nation and Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports offered one of your guy's response regarding the Palmer trade as a baseline for how Bengals fans reacted Tuesday. I believe the one that was taken was from Shah Chau, calling Mike Brown a genius from this post.

So here's to your great comments, all of you. You guys rule. And keep it up. You never know who's reading.