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Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton Joins The Dan Patrick Show

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton joined Dan Patrick on the, well, Dan Patrick Show to talk about how the young quarterback is developing, a Carson Palmer question or two and between he and A.J. Green, who is having the better rookie season? Thanks to the hard work the guys do at Sports Radio Interviews, here's the transcript.

Whether or not the team ever talked about the Carson Palmer situation during the season:

"No we haven’t really talked about it. We haven’t really worried about the whole situation since the beginning of camp. We’ve just been focused on what we can control and that’s playing football."

How tough it was for him to not have a mentor and not have an offseason his first year in the NFL:

"I think it’s worked out great. I got to come into a good situation, I got to have a chance to compete and win the starting job in training camp. I feel like this whole transition of being able to come to Cincinnati has been great for me. "

If he is having the better rookie season or A.J. Green is:

"I’m gonna say A.J. A.J. is making my job a whole lot easier."

On his transition from college to the pros:

"I feel like coming in I was able to get a good grasp of the offense. I’ve just been trying to do my job and put our team in a good position to win every game and we’ve been in that position each week and had a chance to win in the fourth quarter."

Whether or not something has been easier than expected in the NFL:

"The thing that has been nice coming from TCU, the offenses are very similar with the way we are calling plays and that kind of thing. That whole transition was a lot easier for me than I expected."

What quarterbacks he is trying to watch film on and learn from:

"I’ve watched Aaron Rodgers the last couple of years to see what he has done. I’ve watched Peyton (Manning), Tom Brady, and Drew Brees just to find little things that they’re doing."

On his welcome to the NFL moment:

"I think I saw that early on with the first hit, it was Ndamukong Suh. He hit me pretty good."