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Bengals Fail To Convert Their First Third Down Of The Game

After the Bengals defense forced the Bills to punt and after Brandon Tate returned the punt to the Bengals 26-yard line, the Andy Dalton misses the game's opening pass with a pass just outside over tight end Jermaine Gresham's reach. Andrew Hawkins comes into the game and hauls in a bubble screen on the left. Avoiding a tackle and Hawkins sprints down the left sidelines for a 25-yard gain.

A two-yard loss on a Benson run, followed by a six-yard scramble by Andy Dalton sets up the Bengals biggest enemy. Third downs.

Third and six, Dalton takes the snap and drops back. Andre Caldwell runs a crossing pattern roughly around the first down marker and fails to haul in the reception that would have picked up a first down. The pass wasn't perfect, but Caldwell is a good receiver that should make that reception.

Kevin Huber punts the football to the Bills six-yard line where Morgan Trent downs the ball.