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Bengals Defense Forced The Bills Offense Into A Three-And-Out

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One of the league's top offenses in the NFL, calls for consecutive runs on first and second down from the Bills six-yard line. And the Bengals defensive line was ready. Robert Geathers and Pat Sims dropped Fred Jackson on first down, followed by a second down tackle by Michael Johnson that gave up six yards between the two plays.

On third-and-four from the Bills 12-yard line, Ryan Fitzpatrick tries to hook up to Fred Jackson to the right but throws from the outstretched hands of the Bills running back near the right sidelines.

The Bengals forced a three-and-out and the Bills punt for the second time in as many possessions. Ryan Fitzpatrick has only completed two of five passes for 14 yards passing while running back Fred Jackson recorded nine yards on three attempts.