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A Lucky Bills Reception And Screen Pass Ties The Game At Three

With over two minutes remaining in the first quarter, the Bills take their fourth possession of the game following up three straight punts to start the game. With seven yards to go on second down, Fitzpatrick nearly has the football intercepted on an attempted pass that was deflected into the air. Naaman Roosevelt, standing a good five yards away from the intended target, hauled in the deflected pass and picked up 28 yards on the lucky-as-hell reception with just over a minute remaining in the quarter.

Leon Hall dragged down Stevie Johnson on an underneath pass for no-gain, followed by an incomplete pass to Donald Johns down the right sidelines setting up a third down.

Following the end of the first quarter, the Bills line up at the Bengals 48-yard line with ten yards to go on third down to kickoff the second quarter. Fitzpatrick completes the screen pass to Brad Smith that picks up 17 yards.

Buffalo's drive continues, except only that they're falling backyards to the Bengals 32-yard line after Fred Jackson is stuffed behind the line of scrimmage by Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko. The Bills would be unable to pick up the 11 yards for a first down on two passes to Brad Smith (one completed for eight yards, the other falling for an incomplete).

Rian Lindell converts the 43-yard field goal and the Bills tie the game at three.