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Bengals Benefit From The Tuck Rule, Negating A Fumble Returned For Touchdown

After kicking the game-tying field goal early in the second quarter, the Bills' Rian Lindell kicks the football eight yards deep into the end zone, forcing Brandon Tate to take a knee and the Bengals offense to begin at their own 20-yard line.

And it seemed like the Bengals were meant to lose this football from the start. A.J. Green drops the handoff on an end around from right to left; however he recovered the football and runs out of bounds for a six-yard gain. Not bad. Cedric Benson losses another two yards on a run to the left setting up a third-and-six.

Dalton drops back, looks over the middle and the pass rush got to the quarterback, knocking him down and the football out of his hands. The fumble was recovered by the Bills defense, returned for a touchdown to take a 9-3 lead. Considering all scoring plays are under automatic review, the officials took a second look. The play was called a tuck pass because Dalton appeared to have made a throwing motion and lost it as he brought the football down.

Incomplete pass and the Bengals punt the football with the score still tied at three.

Dalton has only completed two of seven passes for 29 yards passing. The running game hasn't been much better, with Cedric Benson recording five yards on four carries. However Bernard Scott does have 16 yards rushing on four carries during his time into the game midway through the first quarter.