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Great 58-Yard A.J. Green Reception Leads To Easy Bills Interception

Bengals rookie quarterback Andy Dalton is having an epically poor performance Sunday afternoon against the Buffalo Bills. With only three minutes remaining in the second quarter, Dalton has completed four of 15 passes, including one returned for a touchdown that was bobbled around Andre Caldwell's legs.

With over just under three minutes remaining in the half, Dalton unleashed a pass down the right sidelines for a single-covered A.J. Green, jumping over the Bills defender, hauling in the pass. The defender, with his back to the football, collides with Green and loses the wide receiver who takes off towards the end zone for the 58-yard gain.

The drive would soon come to an end. With 2:19 left in the first half, Andy Dalton severely under throws a receiver, send the pass directly into the hands of Bills safety George Wilson.

Is it time to pull Dalton for awhile?