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Bengals Reduce Deficit To 11 Points After Mike Nugent 21-Yard Field Goal

The Bengals offense struggled horribly in the first half, so you suspect that after it the coaching staff would do something to change the game's complexion. After a five-yard run by Benson, Dalton hands back to the running back who runs wild down the left sidelines for a 28-yard gain.

On the following play, Andy Dalton launches a pass deep to A.J. Green down the right side. Green jumps into the air, completely stretches out and and hauls in the 40-yard pass to the Bengals seven-yard line.

Nice start to the second half -- except for Andre Smith's false start that would have repercussions on the team's chance for a touchdown.

Benson picked up those five yards lost by Smith setting up a second-goal from the Bills seven-yard line. Chris Pressley leads Benson to the right, finishing a run at the two-yard line setting up a third-and-goal. Andy Dalton takes the snap and lobs a floater to A.J. Green towards the front left pylon that falls incomplete.

Mike Nugent converts the 21-yard field goal and the Bengals reduce their deficit against the Bills to 11 points.

Green currently has three receptions for 109 yards receiving.