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Jermaine Gresham Touchdown Reception Reduces Bengals Deficit To Four Points

Great series by the Bengals defensive front, with Geno Atkins (along with Rey Maualuga) holding a Fred Jackson run for a limited two-yard gain. Michael Johnson and Atkins combined for a quarterback sack on second down and a screen pass on third down led to only a five-yard gain, tracked down by Jonathan Fanene from behind. Buffalo is forced to punt after the three-and-out.

Now with a second half field goal already in their pocket, the Bengals can reduce their deficit to at least a touchdown (and two point conversion) with a field goal. Whether or not they're able to move the football and finish the drive, as opposed to only scoring three touchdowns in their previous ten red zone appearances, is a completely different and somewhat suspicious issue.

Jerome Simpson jumps the snap, called for a false start, pushing the Bengals to their own 23-yard line. Jermaine Gresham hauls in the first down pass on a rollout to the right, runs through the tackle of defensive back Bryan Scott, picking up 11 yards that helped negate Simpson's false start. The Bengals picked up the first down after the Bills were called for a neutral zone infraction.

With 8:37 remaining in the third quarter, Cedric Benson picked up five yards, after he was nearly dropped in the backfield for a loss, down the left sidelines. A.J. Green hauled in the first down pass on the following play, with a nice move to slip through two tacklers. Benson picked up another 11 yards on the ground on the following play.

Cincinnati reentered the red zone on first down from the Bills 36-yard, with Dalton faking the play-action and rolling out right. Andrew Hawkins catches the 18-yard pass on a crossing pattern for the first down.

Red zone. After a one-yard gain by Cedric Benson, Andy Dalton fakes the handoff and throws towards the front left pylon. Jermaine Gresham, running a fade towards the back left pylon, stretches out of the pass with a defender on his back and hauls in the 17-yard touchdown reception.

Beautiful. Bengals reduce their deficit to four points after a 10-point third quarter... so far.