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Field Goal Gives Bills Seven-Point Lead After 17 Play Drive

A nine-yard completion to Donald Jones on an out towards the left sidelines, followed by Rey Maualuga stuffing Fred Jackson for a no-gain sets up a third down and one that Fred Jackson was forced to dive over the line to pick up the first down. A 14-point lead reduced to four points in the span of two possessions, the Bills have to be feeling the pressure of a mounted comeback by the Bengals offense with just over three minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Now the Bills sustain a drive after being forced to punt on six of their first eight possessions of the afternoon. A six-yard David Nelson reception was followed by three straight touches (two runs, one reception) to Fred Jackson picking up 22 yards to the Bengals 41-yard line with 1:34 left in the third quarter.

A Chris Crocker blitz on first down forced Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw the football away. C.J. Spiller couldn't find any holes, falling for a three-yard gain setting up a third-and-seven. Fitzpatrick completed the first down pass to Spiller, who lined up wide left and cut in about two yards short of the first down, picking up nine on the play after Reggie Nelson tripped the running back up for the tackle as the third quarter expires.

After eight yards gained on first and second down, C.J. Spiller takes the handoff with Chris Crocker narrowly dropping the running back in the backfield. However the bad angle prevented Crocker from making the tackle, allowing Spiller to pick up the first down.

Now with 12:59 left in the game, Fitzpatrick throws an incomplete while Fred Jackson is dropped for a no-gain on a draw from shotgun. With ten yards needed for a first down, Ryan Fitzpatrick hits a middle screen to Jackson that falls three yards short of the first down. Rian Lindell converts the 23-yard field goal to give Buffalo a seven-point lead.

The Bills went 17 plays, 75 yards on 9:04 during the scoring drive.