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Bengals Force The Bills To Punt At The Two Minute Warning

The game is tied at 20, with the Bills outscoring the Bengals 17-3 in the first half and the Bengals outscoring the Bills 17-3 in the second half. As bad as Andy Dalton was in the first half throwing two interceptions, he was just as good in the second half, scoring two touchdowns. However the Bengals defense still has to hold the Bills and the Bengals offense will still have to move the football.

A packed crowd of barely over 41,000 shout loudly their defense. Ryan Fitzpatrick hits David Nelson on a slant over the middle for a 12-yard gain, followed up with a seven-yard Donald Jones reception setting up a second-and-three. Fred Jackson is stuffed at the line of scrimmage by big Rey Maualuga for a two-yard loss.

Third-and-five and the crowd gets even louder and... the Bengals call a timeout to save time for themselves, confident that the offense will have another possession. Let's try this again. Third and five and Guns 'N Roses plays in the background with the crowd drowning out the music. Fitzpatrick takes the shotgun snap and drops back. Pressure from Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson forces Fitzpatrick to throw the pass out of Fred Jackson's reach for the incomplete pass.

Now the Bengals have a shot to win this game.