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Bengals Early Bird Special: How About Them Bengals?

Good morning everyone! Grab a doughnut, a bowl of cereal, and some coffee. Get your morning started the right way by catching up on your beloved Bengals.

Is it too early to talk and speculate about the 2012 draft? It's too early to speculate about certain players, but we can talk until our heads explode while we speculate as 

to what position the Bengals should address during the draft. Considering we have no idea who is going to enter the draft so it's anyone's guess as to who will be available.

Also we don't know where the Bengals will end up in the draft or where the Raiders pick will land. The Bengals could end up with a pick in the top ten or one between the 10 and 15 slots. And another possibility is having two selections between the 15 and 20 slots. It all depends on what the Bengals and Raiders do for the rest of the season. Who knows, both teams could lose out for the remainder of the season. But I highly doubt that will happen to the Bengals. 

I personally believe it would be ideal for the Bengals to address the running back position and adding some depth at either safety or the offensive line. But let's hear what you think the Bengals should do with their two first round selections. Then again another factor is what the Bengals plans are for the 2012 season. Who will they retain? Who will they let go? Will they acquire anyone via free agency? Right now the only thing we can do is speculate.

Alright here is what you may have missed or overlooked from Wednesday.