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Cedric Peerman Fined for Illegal Hit

Cedric Peerman Block
Cedric Peerman Block

Bengals kick returner Brandon Tate had a good game last Sunday returning both kickoffs and punts. On one punt in particular, Tate used his blockers and had a great return to set up good field position for the team at a critical point in the game.

On this return came one of the forgotten highlights in the Bengals' victory over the Colts last Sunday. On Tate's return down the sideline, running back Cedric Peerman laid a devastating block on a Colts defender. It was the type of block that when you saw the play, you cupped your hand to your mouth and said "OHHH!". The block sent the Colt defender out for the rest of the game with concussion-like symptoms.

When watching the replay, it was obvious that Peerman blindsided the defender, but it was questionable as to where the hit was on the defender. It looked as if Peerman got most of his shoulder pad area, but it was possible that he also hit the defender in the side of the helmet--a hit which is deemed illegal.

Well, the NFL has decided to fine Peerman $20,000 for this block, deeming it an "illegal blindside block". This is a huge chunk of change for a player like Peerman who is the fourth string running back and a special teams player. This has been a point of contention amongst NFL fans and players against the league. The amount of fines may be the same amount of dollars for players, but it isn't equivalent between fined players' contract amounts.

Regardless, Peerman will have to pay this fine for a hit that I'm sure he didn't mean to be a dirty one.