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Bengals Are On A Bye: Your NFL Viewing Schedule In Cincinnati

It's about time some of you are able to use your NFL Ticket package to channel surf the 11 games on television \ Sunday afternoon; considering that the Bengals are off this weekend, it's time for your clicker to be put to work. Unless you have the Red Zone channel, which we hear is the best creation since humans (a) evolved from the first protein (b) were created by the will of God (c) were dropped off on Earth from another planet. It's awesome. That's what we're pointing out here. Unfortunately not everyone has those options; notably suckers like me that continues to painfully stick with Time Warner.

Though it's a terrible collection of NFL games this weekend for cavemen like us who rely on the networks to give us quality games, there is some intrigue. Fox's early afternoon game, shown in Cincinnati, pits the Cleveland Browns against the Seattle Seahawks. There's the obvious local intrigue with a division opponent, one of the main factors that networks use to determine who gets what games. But the Seattle Seahawks are also Cincinnati's opponent next week, so why not get a little advanced scouting for the game?

Cincinnati was scheduled to get the Chargers at New York Jets before CBS changed their single-game this weekend in Cincinnati to the Raiders and Chiefs, in response to Carson Palmer being traded to Oakland. Unfortunately the intrigue has largely died after reports suggest Palmer won't play this weekend while he readies himself. Ironic really considering that Palmer forced our schedule to change from the Jets and Chargers to the Raiders and Chiefs.

Also playing in the late afternoon is Green Bay at Minnesota on Fox.