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Adam Jones Back to Practice With the Bengals; Team Gets 3-Week Roster Exemption

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The bye week is over for the Cincinnati Bengals and the team is back at practice in preparation of their Week 8 matchup with the Seahawks in Seattle. For the first time in over a year, cornerback Adam Jones is practicing with them.

Now that Jones is off the PUP list, the Bengals have three weeks in which they are allowed to let Jones practice with the team to get back up to speed where he won't count as a member of the team's 53-man roster. At the end of those three weeks (or before, if they want) the Bengals will have to make the decision to either make room on the active roster for Jones or shut him down for the season.

Jones will be joining the team's four cornerbacks, Nate Clements, Leon Hall, Kelly Jennings and Morgan Trent, in practice. Right now, the Bengals have the top-ranked defense with the fourth-ranked passing offense. It will be interesting to see how Jones fits in with the Bengals secondary, if he does at all. 

We also can't forget that Jones has a court date in November after he pled not guilty to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after an incident in July in a Cincinnati bar. That could have something to do with the Bengals decision too as Jones' name was with Benson's on a list of eight players that could be suspended for arrests during the offseason.

On a side note: My car wouldn't start after I pulled in to a small gas station in Anderson near my home. Adam Jones was there and offered to jump my car. So he's a pretty nice guy.