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If Voting Commenced Today, Peter King Would Vote Mike Brown As Executive Of The Year

Peter King of Sports Illustrated never ceases to surprise me. He'll frustrate me, sure. Barricading endless praise about the Cincinnati Bengals behind miles-thick steel doors thousands of feet deep into the ground that makes a government-built bomb shelter appear as sturdy as sinking feet in the sands of a beach.

He'll focus somewhat on the more intriguing stories of the league. And by intriguing, we really only mean the Colts, Eagles, upper East coast teams and Brett Favre. And though he still has the Bengals ranked 15th, he writes one of the most shocking lines in he history of the written word during his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback.

I think if the season was seven weeks long and I had to vote today, my Executive of the Year would be Mike Brown. It's not just the Palmer trade. It's sticking to his guns on draft day and waiting, waiting, waiting for Andy Dalton at the 34th overall pick.

Go ahead. Gasp for air, horrifying your spouses (or significant other) that you're experiencing an awakened version of sleep apnea.