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Answering The Question: How Many Multiple First Round Drafts Have The Bengals Had

Curiosity is often a motivator. In our case the motivator is information, driven by our very own readers asking the questions inside various posts wondering how many times the Cincinnati Bengals have had multiple first round picks during the Mike Brown era. Prompted by Cincinnati acquiring Oakland's first round pick for the 2012 NFL Draft, the Bengals will have two first round selections next year. The answer is twice. And both as a result of the Washington Redskins.

The Cincinnati Bengals have had two NFL drafts during the Mike Brown era with multiple first round picks. The Washington Redskins traded both of their first round picks to acquire Cincinnati's first and third round picks in 1992, which enabled the Redskins to move up and select wide receiver Desmond Howard fourth overall. The Cincinnati Bengals selected quarterback David Klingler sixth overall and free safety Darryl Williams 28th. You know about Klingler. But Williams played four seasons with the Bengals before signing with the Seattle Seahawks and finishing out his career with the Bengals in 2000 and 2001, posting 31 career interceptions and 9.5 quarterback sacks between the two teams.

Washington once again helped Cincinnati with two first round picks in 1998, through a trade that sent defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson to the Redskins for Washington's first and third round selections. Cincinnati used both of their first round draft picks on linebackers, selecting Auburn's Takeo Spikes 13th overall and North Carolina's Brian Simmons 17th.

The Cincinnati Bengals have had nine drafts with multiple first round selections ('98, '92, '86, '85, '84, '79 '78, '77 and '76). Additionally the Bengals held three first round selections in 1984 and 1977. A complete list:

'98 - LB Takeo Spikes, LB Brian Simmons
'92 - QB David Klingler, FS Darryl Williams
'86 - LB Joe Kelly, WR Tim McGee
'85 - WR Eddie Brown, LB Emanuel King
'84 - LB Rickey Hunley, NT Pete Koch NT, Brian Blados OT
'79 - QB Jack Thompson, RB Charles Alexander
'78 - DE Ross Browner, C Blair Bush
'77 - DE Eddie Edwards, DT Wilson Whitley, TE Mike Cobb
'76 - WR Billy Brooks, RB Archie Griffin