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Cincinnati Bengals Lose Top Defensive Ranking To The Baltimore Ravens

Despite the fact that Jacksonville only gained 205 yards of total offense against the Baltimore Ravens during Monday Night Football, the Jaguars defense contained the Ravens to an embarrassing 146 yards of total offense. The team many figured as the best in the division, if not competing for title rights in the conference, posted nine three-and-out possessions, two turnovers and a missed field goal. Late in the game, making it vaguely interesting, the Ravens offense went 90 yards on a 13-play drive to slim the deficit to two points. Before that drive, Baltimore recorded 56 yards on the 11 preceding possessions. Comparatively speaking the Bengals worst offensive output of the season, week three home opener against the San Francisco 49ers, generated only 228 yards of total offense. Unsurprisingly the Jaguars held Cincinnati to only 239 yards of total offense; the team's second-worst offensive performance (and a victory we should point out).

The Jaguars won, the Ravens offense stunk and Cincinnati's brief defensive superiority vanished.

With the Ravens defense holding the Jaguars to just over 200 yards of total offense, the Cincinnati Bengals lost their top defensive ranking they securely held after the Pittsburgh Steelers allowed 330 yards of offense in a 32-20 win over the Arizona Cardinals. That's the type of season the Bengals are having. Take a weekend off and briefly regain your top defensive ranking, only to lose it after the Baltimore Ravens appeared like anything other than division leaders after Monday Night Football.