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Bengals Early Bird Special: Early Bird Gets the Worm

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Good morning everyone. Time to wake up finally after hitting your snooze button 58 times this morning in an attempt to get some extra sleep. Grab some breakfast of champions (bacon) and dash off to work before that one coworker of yours that annoys you to no end notices.

So how about Carson Palmer's debut with Oakland? Right now Mike Brown looks like a genius for getting two high draft picks for Palmer.

And quite frankly Palmer looks past his prime. He threw three interceptions against the Chiefs. In all honesty I knew Palmer would be rusty, but three interceptions was more than I expected. Looks like his "workouts" during his "offseason" really paid off for him in the end. But I'll try not to be too quick to judge Palmer after one game.

Maybe next game will be better for Palmer. But then again I'm not concerned with his performance since he's no longer a Bengal. The only reason I pay attention to the Raiders now is to see if that second round pick will turn into a first round pick. 

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Tuesday.

  • On Sunday when the Bengals travel to Seattle, the Seahawks' defense will have a difficult time, especially the cornerbacks against Cincinnati's wide receivers.
  • With a win on Sunday against the Seahawks, Marvin Lewis will become the Bengals all-time wins leader. Obviously if they don't win, the Marvin will have to wait at least another week.
  • Adam Jones is now practicing and getting up to speed. But how long will it be until he's ready?
  • The Samsung Game Ball of the Week goes to....even though it was a bye week there was still one that had to be awarded. And you won't believe who won this week.
  • If this comes as any surprise, according to the NFL Network zero teams showed up for Terrell Owens' workout. Hang up your cleats Owens. Your career is done.
  • Cast your votes for your favorite Bengals for the Pro Bowl. The more Bengals the better.
  • In the latest NFL power rankings the Bengals scaled the ladder despite being on a bye week.
  • Carson Palmer's Oakland Raider debut generated huge ratings for Local 12. We all wanted to witness Carson "Pick 6" Palmer playing for another team.
  • Being on a bye week did cost the Bengals in one category. They did lose their top defensive ranking to the Baltimore Ravens.
  • In the upcoming draft the Bengals will have multiple selections in the first round. That raised the question of how many multiple first round drafts have the Bengals had in history?