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Rey Maualuga: Besides A Little Stiffness "Here And There", Leg Feels Fine

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As has been pointed out earlier this afternoon, Bengals middle linebacker missed practice on Wednesday and will likely sit this weekend against the Seattle Seahawks. Optimistically Maualuga is expecting to return against the Tennessee Titans next week on November 6 after suffering a high ankle sprain earlier this month.

Said Maualuga of the left ankle sprain, which he suffered during practice on Oct. 13: “I guess the way I’m approaching it is the doctor’s can’t tell you when you’re coming back. Your body knows the length of time when you’ll return. Guys will let me know when I feel better. The leg feels fine but there’s a little stiffness here and there.”

According to Pro Football Focus, Maualuga has scored an overall grade of -1.9 with his biggest struggle coming against the Denver Broncos running game during Cincinnati's week two loss. Unless something unforeseen happens, like someone with a high midi-chlorian count healing Maualuga, Dan Skuta will likely make the start at middle linebacker on Sunday.