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Terrell Owen's Publicist Denies Suicide Attempt

In 2006 it was reported that Terrell Owens, then with the Dallas Cowboys, attempted to commit suicide via an overdose of a prescribed medication. Owens and his representatives denied any allegation that the verbal wide receiver attempted to claim his life then.

Yesterday a report leaked out that former Bengals wide receiver Terrell Owens attempted suicide again. However, there has yet to be any denial from Owens, but his publicist did deny the report. 

During the 911 call the operator asked Owens' assistant if the situation was a suicide attempt. And at the time the assistant did believe it was. That contradicts today's report denying that Owens attempted suicide.

Owens' PR rep said the following after the reports surfaced yesterday about a possible suicide attempt:

"Terrell Owens absolutely did not attempt suicide nor did he attempt to overdose on pills on Oct. 6, 2011.

"The facts are that [T.O.'s assistant] arrived at his home that evening after he had already taken a sleeping aid to fall asleep. He was unresponsive because of this.

"Unaware he had taken a sleeping aid prior to her arrival, his assistant became concerned and decided to call 911.

"When the ambulance and police arrived, Owens was responsive and was not held in the hospital. Reports released with the 911 call today are misleading and not factual."

One would think that with all of the money Owens has accumulated during his football career and television appearances that he would be satisfied with his life. He can have almost anything that money can buy. But that's not always the case. As the old saying goes, money can't buy happiness (but it can by jet skis).

Who knows what really happened? Hopefully Owens is in good health, both physically and mentally, and this is just blown up nonsense. If it isn't, hopefully Owens seeks the help he needs.