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When Ron Jaworski Predicts A Bengals Win, The Bengals Will Win

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Along with Peter King predicting that the Cincinnati Bengals will beat the Seattle Seahawks this weekend, ESPN's NFL experts predicted that the Bengals will beat the Seahawks. Well, everyone save for Adam Schefter and Seth Wickersham. ESPN's NFL experts all predicted a Bengals win over the Colts, and everyone save for Chris Mortensen and Seth Wickersham picked the Bengals over the Jaguars. Is it too much to believe that the Bengals are no longer "under the radar" when people are selecting them in masse at this point?

Monday Night Football's Ron Jaworski has accurately predicted every Bengals game this year, except for Cincinnati's week one win over the Cleveland Browns -- though we can't blame him or anyone else for predicting the Browns in week one. We virtually had no expectations with the Bengals in week one. Jaworski was even the only one to accurately predict Cincinnati's week four win over the Buffalo Bills.

So we're fairly confident that if Ron Jaworski predicts a Bengals win, we might as well bring the team back from Seattle with a 5-2 record without even playing the game.