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Fantasy Sleeper Of The Week: Bengals Running Back Bernard Scott

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson's suspension opens a spot for Adam Jones onto the 53-man roster, preventing the team to make any moves for a week before Benson reemerges on Monday. Benson also opens the door for backup running back Bernard Scott, who is expected to start against the Seattle Seahawks and participate during a bulk of Cincinnati's carries this Sunday. And he's our Vick's Fantasy Sleeper of the Week.

Scott is a dynamic player that's often the subject of fans' frustrations against the coaching staff for not utilizing him more, even though durability issues has characterized Scott's time in Cincinnati; though it mostly the threat of injury, not injury itself.

Though he only has 21 career receptions out of the backfield, Scott's threat factor really comes into play when he's given an open field to work with. Though he's no longer the team's kickoff returner, when he held the duties during his rookie season, he averaged 31.5 yards/return and posted nearly 1,300 yards in 2010. On his limited resume through 35 career games, Scott has posted a 100-yard game, exploded for a 61-yard run and during the Jaguars this season, he scored his first receiving touchdown in his career.