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Ickey Woods To Be Featured On ESPN's E:60 This Wednesday

Bengals running back Ickey Woods is an iconic figure in Cincinnati Bengals history. And it was really for his rookie season in 1988 that helped push the Cincinnati Bengals into their second Super Bowl. Eventually injuries would claim his career. Woods will be featured on ESPN's E:60 this Wednesday, kicking off their fifth season. A press release previewing this week's premiere.

“ICKEY WOODS” Piece on Wednesday’s E:60
It’s hard not to forget the Ickey Shuffle and its inventor, Ickey Woods. But shortly after he shot to sudden fame as a rookie Cincinnati Bengals fullback who had a funky touchdown celebration that transcended sports, Woods’ life took a turn for the worse. In the second game of his second season, Woods tore his ACL and not long afterward he was out of football, at 26. Since then, he has spent time as a door-to-door meat salesman, running a flooring company and coaching a women’s football team that includes his ex-wife. But considering all that has tested Ickey Woods, nothing prepared him for the sudden death last year of his oldest son. E:60’s Jeremy Schaap caught up with the cultural icon and takes a look at all that Ickey Woods has endured.