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NFL Sunday And Bengals Pregame Open Thread

The Cincinnati Bengals will kickoff their week eight game against the Seattle Seahawks at 4:15 p.m; the CJ game open thread launches at 4 p.m. So that leaves us plenty of time to talk about the Bengals, our expectations and today's early afternoon games. If you're in the Cincinnati market, you'll get the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants during the early afternoon game on CBS as well as Arizona at Baltimore during Fox's lone game this week, played at the same time. Check the distribution map to see what games are in your area.

And then talk about those games here. One we're interested in is the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Arizona Cardinals. If the Ravens struggle against the Cardinals like they did against the Jaguars, a Bengals win puts them at least a game over the Ravens. Though if both teams win, the Bengals win the second tie-breaker with a better winning percentage in common games. And if the Steelers lose to the Patriots on Sunday, the Bengals (if they win) hold the first tie-breaker with a better division record. That being said it's insanely early to think about such things, considering the Bengals have four games remaining against the Steelers and Ravens.

Regardless, it's Sunday and it's time to talk about football.