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Steven Hauschka Converts 47-Yard Field Goal Putting Seahawks On The Board

With 3:41 remaining in the first quarter, Charlie Whitehurst launches a pass deep down the middle of the field into triple-coverage. Reggie Nelson, as the pass floats down, puts his hands up and apparently his case of amnesia included the art of catching an easy pass for the interception. It also included Nelson's understanding that after blowing up a potential blocker, you shouldn't redouble your effort while the guy is on the ground. Manny Lawson, unblocked on the following play, collided into Marshawn Lynch, dropping him for a one-yard loss in a display of an explosive amount of testosterone.

After Zach Miller caught a 17-yard pass to give the Seahawks the first down, combined with another first down reception by Sidney Rice, Chris Crocker came off the edge with 1:28 left in the first quarter at the Bengals 33-yard line, sacking Whitehurst for a five-yard loss. With :23 seconds remaining, Whitehurst attempted a hail mary into the endzone on third-and-nine that fell incomplete, but the Bengals accepted Seattle's offensive holding penalty. On third-and-19, Whitehurst completed a 13-yard pass to the Bengals 29-yard line, well short of the first down.

Steven Hauschka converted the 47-yard line-drive field goal to put the Seahawks on the board on the first play of the second quarter.