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Adam Jones Return Is Questionable With Hamstring Injury

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Adam Jones quickly made a mark on the afternoon. With 5:18 remaining in the first quarter, Seahawks punter Jon Ryan crushed a 65-yard punt that Adam Jones caught at the 11-yard line. Thankfully with Ryan punting beyond his coverage, Adam Jones had plenty of green in front of him. Exploding through the wall of bodies determined to stop his return, Jones found lanes and blocks, breaking down the left sidelines, pushed out of bounds after a 63-yard return.

Unfortunately, it's likely going to be his only mark in the game.

Jones limped out of bounds. Quickly heading to the Bengals sidelines, trainers looked him over and determined that his return to the game would be questionable with a hamstring injury. Furthermore Joe Danneman of Fox 19 reports that Jones has ice on his hamstring and appears to be "done" for the day. Though it was his first game back, Jones made a significant contribution that led to a Jerome Simpson 14-yard touchdown reception.