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A.J. Green's 43-Yard Touchdown Reception Gives The Bengals A 17-3 Lead

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The Cincinnati Bengals front seven is playing with fire this afternoon, especially against the run. With 7:10 remaining in the second quarter, from the Seattle 19-yard line, Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson hands off to Marshawn Lynch on a stretch-like play to the right. Manny Lawson blew threw any attempted blocks and collided with Lynch deep in the backfield. Domata Peko ended the play, along with five or six defensive players, ripping off the helmet of Lynch for a three-yard loss. On the following play Lynch goes up the middle, dances in the backfield for a good three seconds before deciding to push up the middle, colliding with Peko and Carlos Dunlap for a no-gain. Lynch posted zero yards rushing on his first seven carries in the game. Zach Miller dropped the third down pass, forcing the Seahawks to punt.

After a Bernard Scott three-yard run from the Bengals 16-yard line with 5:27 remaining in the first half, Andy Dalton completed a six yard pass to A.J. Green inches short of the first down. Before the Bengals snapped the third down pass, the Seahawks were called for encroachment, giving the Bengals a first down. After Brian Leonard picked up four yards with 3:54 remaining in the half, Dalton overthrew A.J. Green on a fade route towards the right sidelines. On third-and-six with 3:18 remaining from the Bengals 35-yard line, Dalton purposefully short towards Green down the left sidelines, forcing Seattle's Browner to collide with Green, forcing the pass interference and an automatic first down.

Cincinnati's drive eventually stalled with just over three minutes remaining in the first half. After a one-yard loss on a screen pass to the left and overthrow to Brian Leonard, the Bengals setup from their own 48-yard line on third-and-11. Dalton dumps off the pass with a tight end screen to Donald Lee, who manages to read his blocks and pick up the first down to Seattle's 38-yard line on the 14-yard reception.

Two minute warning.

And before the first play can take place, Andre Smith rocked backwards slightly, giving the Bengals a five-yard penalty to the Seahawks 43-yard line. Dalton fakes the handoff and launches the football down the middle of the field with A.J. Green easily separated beyond the defensive secondary. Green hauled in the over-the-shoulder reception for a 43-yard touchdown giving the BEngals a 17-3 lead.