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Combined Effort By The Bengals Leads To A 34-12 Win Over The Seahawks

The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Seattle Seahawks 34-12 on Sunday, with a combined effort by all three units on Sunday scoring touchdowns. A.J. Green and Jerome Simpson scored touchdowns on offense. Brandon Tate scored a touchdown on special teams (along with two Mike Nugent field goals) and Reggie Nelson sealed the game with a 75-yard pick six late in the fourth quarter.

Also Cincinnati broke another streak in their season of broken streaks. Cincinnati's 22-point win is the first win in Seattle since 1994 and the first game Marvin Lewis has won coming off a bye on the road. Now the Bengals are 5-2 as we celebrate Marvin Lewis' 65th win, giving him the most in franchise history.

There's a lot to talk about. So get us started.