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Bengals Get 2-Day Roster Exemption for Cedric Benson

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Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson served a one-game suspension and wasn't available to the team in Week 8 when the team went to Seattle to face the Seahawks. Since he didn't count against the active roster, Adam Jones, who came off the PUP list in time to play against the Seahawks, filled his spot allowing the Bengals not to cut anybody until Monday when Benson returned.

However, the Bengals will be given two extra days to make a decision on who to cut when Benson returns to the team. The Bengals were granted a two-day roster exemption, starting Monday, to decided which player will have to be released to make room for Benson, which is a decision they'll have to make on Wednesday now.

Last week, our own Anthony Cosenza wrote an article that questioned who the Bengals would release when Benson returned to the team. In that post he asked you to vote on who the likely candidate would be and the majority of you picked Morgan Trent (110 votes) or Gribril Wilson (72 votes). I personally think it could be Colin Cochart but we'll have to wait until Wednesday to find out.