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Roger Goodell On Cedric Benson: I Assume The Decision Will Be Coming Shortly

Now with Bobbie Williams making his way back into the fold as the team's starting right guard, it wouldn't make sense for fans and the Bengals to have something to talk about. Jerome Simpson's investigation is on-going, therefore nothing is changing there that we know of.

However Cedric Benson is facing a three-game suspension for an assault over the summer. Last Tuesday Benson appeared in New York to appeal the decision, but none was made and the league said that there was no timetable.

According to Nate Davis of USA Today, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told the NFL Network that "I assume the decision will be coming shortly." Someone else in the league office heard the case.

This has turned somewhat into a sticky situation (cliches rule). Several reports indicate that the NFL and NFLPA drafted a list of eight players they agreed to discipline in early August that violated the league's personal conduct policy. However some question if the league has the right to suspend a player for actions taken place during a period where players weren't employed and no collective bargaining was in place. Additionally there are close to (or over) 20 players that violated the personal conduct policy that won't be punished because of this "list of eight."