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Bengals Guard Bobbie Williams Lost 12 Pounds During Suspension

It wasn't like he did nothing, slouching around watching daytime television and eating Peggy Bundy's bom boms. According Geoff Hobson of, offensive guard Bobbie Williams spent the four-game suspension working out, getting himself into considerable shape while taking the blame for violating the league's performance enhancement substance policy.

"I’m responsible for what goes in my body."

He also said he wanted to turn it into a positive, so he punished himself for about three hours a day and dropped 12 pounds in workouts at Ignition Sports under the supervision of former Bengals weight room assistant Clif Marshall. That would put Williams at about 335 pounds or so. Whatever, he says it’s the lightest he’s been since his rookie year of 2000 with the Eagles.

Williams is the team's 54th player on the roster because the team was granted a one-week exemption. Once he's ready and when the team decides to start him at right guard this Sunday against Jacksonville, the Bengals will have to make a move to free up a spot for him on the roster.