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Benson Showing Signs Of Frustration

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Cedric Benson has not been one to hide his true feelings and this week he has been a little frustrated with the Bengals offense. A few things with which he is reportedly upset with include his lack of carries in the first half of the Bills game and that some of his carries are being taken by Bernard Scott. Scott has played the third series of the previous two games. Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden does not seem to be too concerned with Benson's expressions of frustration however. He recently said,

"When Bernard Scott comes in for him, he feels like we don’t love him anymore. When we pass a couple times on first down and we have to punt, he gets a little upset. Most great competitors are like that. He just has to channel his emotions and understand we’re all trying to do the best and win the game whether he gets the ball 10 or 50 times."

Bengals fans likewise should not be too concerned. Benson is a competitive athlete that speaks his mind. Besides, as the Bengals continue to win this will quickly become a non-issue.