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Marvin Lewis On Indoor Practice Facility: In The Process Of Trying To Make Some Movement

Marvin Lewis' negotiations with the Cincinnati Bengals in early January were somewhat public, in that the publicity was based on subjective information that promoted more conjecture than anything truly sourced. Bengals owner Mike Brown wanted Lewis to return, and Lewis, who refused to sign an extension as far back as the 2009 season, wanted more; such as additional authority with coaching staff, personnel, an indoor practice facility, improved player personnel department -- you know, completely unrealistic expectations of a modern National Football League organization.

Eventually Lewis signed a two-year deal and if any of those demands were capitulated, it's unknown which -- though the firing of Bob Bratkowski hints that Lewis had enough authority to make a change on the team's offensive philosophy.

One area of contention by many Mike Brown detractors is the fact the Cincinnati Bengals are still without an indoor practice facility -- a demand from Marvin Lewis. During the press conference the featured Lewis' return in January, President Mike Brown responded when asked if the team was planning to build an indoor practice facility:

"Marvin has a desire to have a practice facility. I have a desire, but probably not as keen... Right now, we’re faced with major issues in the National Football League, and those are at the front of our agenda. When we get through that, then we’ll have time to consider this issue."

Now that the lockout is over, is that plan back on the table? Marvin Lewis said on Wednesday in regards to an update:

"It’s something that they’re in the process of trying to make some movement on at some point and when it happens, it happens,"

An April report surfaced that the Bengals were making preliminary assessments after discussions iwth the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, regarding utility work that would need to be done.