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Bengals Game Only to Be Seen in Cincinnati and Jacksonville Areas

The good news for Cincinnati-area Bengals fans is that the Bengals play on the road this weekend which means we actually get to watch the game on TV. After two straight home games and two straight blackouts, a road game is very much welcome.

The bad news is for those Bengals fans that live outside of the Cincinnati area. Unless you have DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket, you may not be able to watch the game.

According to TV Distribution Maps, the Bengals game will only be shown south of Columbus, Ohio, in Eastern Kentucky, in Southern Georgia and in Northern Florida. The majority of the country will be shown the Steelers-Titans game, the Raiders-Texans game or the Chiefs-Colts game.

Locally, you can watch the Bengals game on CBS (WKRC-12 Cincinnati) or find it on channel 707 on DirecTV. On the radio, it will be on 700 WLW-AM, Cincinnati's ESPN 1530, WBEN-FM (102.7) or on Sirius Radio channel 128.