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Bengals Early Bird Special: Game Time is Almost Here

Good morning everyone! It's the final day of the work week. And that means it's time for some football, beer, food, more beer, and more football. Sounds like paradise to me.

Alright, so we all know on Sunday that it's a battle of rookie quarterbacks between the Bengals and Jaguars. And I believe Andy Dalton has the advantage over Blaine Gabbert. But as usual there are going to be some keys for the Bengals to secure another victory this week.

Keys for Sunday.

  1. Move the ball down field and put up some points.....and don't wait until the second half to do it. Last Sunday against the Bills, Cincinnati made a miraculous comeback against Buffalo. For the most part, I think all of Buffalo went into shock. However, this Sunday, the Bengals should bury the Jags early and as often as possible. The Bengals need to establish a better rhythm on offense. They ought to try mixing up the play calling a bit more so they can put themselves in a better position to put up some points.
  2. Stay healthy. I think that's pretty self-explanatory. Bengals don't stay healthy, then their chances of coming out victorious go down. 
  3. The defense needs to keep playing the way it has been. The Bengals are ranked number one on defense last time I checked and hopefully on Sunday they will be able to continue their dominance. I cannot imagine the passing attack of the Jags being explosive at all. My main concern is going to be limiting the damage by Maurice Jones-Drew. The only time the Bengals faced him, they were able to contain him to under 50 rushing yards. Let's hope that happens again. 

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Thursday.