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Bengals Early Bird Special: T-Minus One Day Until Showdown of Rookie Quarterbacks

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Good morning everyone! I hope you're all ready to fire up your grills, drink some beers, and watch the Bengals take on the Jaguars. For once you don't have to worry about work.....hopefully.

Tomorrow should be filled with a lot of excitement. For the Bengals, they go up against a Jacksonville team that has been anything, but impressive. For the Jags offense they have barely been able to put up any points. And the defense has looked adequate, at best.

Here are five reasons why I believe the Bengals are going to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars tomorrow.

  1. Cedric Benson is going to have more space to than he's going to know what to do with. With the return of Bobbie Williams there should be more holes for Benson to plow through. I have a feeling Benson will rack up over 100 yards. But if he doesn't then I have a feeling he'll tally 80 or more yards, which still is a relatively decent game.
  2. Andy Dalton will find a rhythm earlier than he has in the past. I believe Dalton will get settled into the game in the first half and help the Bengals put up some points, instead of the second half. I can see Dalton throwing a pair of touchdowns. Also Dalton will hopefully have some more time in the pocket to look for a receiver to pass to with the return of Williams. 
  3. Jay Gruden will do a better job at mixing up the play-calling. It won't be lopsided favoring one more than the other. I think it will be a healthy mix of running and passing plays.
  4. The Bengals defense is ranked number one. The Jaguars offense can't even average ten points a game. The defense has been able to control the passing and rushing game up to this point of the season. And that shouldn't change on Sunday. Tomorrow they are going to have to remember who is carrying the ball for the Jags. Blaine Gabbert doesn't have any viable threats to throw the ball to. And as I've stated before, Gabbert hasn't looked that great on the field.
  5. The Bengals are awesome. Need I say more?

Prediction: The Bengals will move above the .500 mark by defeating the Jaguars 24-10.

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Friday.