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Fantasy Football Sleeper Of The Week: Cincinnati Bengals Defense

One area on Cincinnati's roster I'm enjoying the most is the lack of major name recognition being factored into the development within an argument deciding the team's best player. Now most of us will readily point out that Andrew Whitworth is the Bengals best player, especially considering he's being discussed more and more as one of the league's elite left tackles in the game. Bengals fans and obsessive NFL observists aside, your common person might not recognize many of the Bengals players. But there is some recognition there when it comes to fantasy football.

The last time that Cedric Benson faced the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Cincinnati Bengals were 0-8 in 2008. Benson led the Bengals with 104 yards rushing and a touchdown. Additionally two of his previous four games this season, Benson has posted 100-yard rushing performances and only Adrian Peterson has more carries this season. Jacksonville's defense is ranked 16th with 107.0 yards/rushing per game, including 166 yards rushing allowed to the New Orleans' three-headed rushing attack of Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas during their most recent outing last week.

Depending on your Fantasy Football league, Cincinnati's defense might be worth starting. While some leagues emphasize turnovers and quarterback sacks, the Bengals also sport one of the league's top scoring defenses where the lack of points is hugely relevant. The Jaguars are averaging a league-worst 9.8 points/scored with Cincinnati averaging only 18.5 points/allowed per game. And if your league factors yards allowed for defenses, Cincinnati sports the best defense in the NFL and our Vicks Sleeper of the Week.

Finally Mike Nugent has converted 10 consecutive field goals with a long of 47 yards. However he has he leg to convert at least a 50-yard field goal. Due to Cincinnati's offense continuing struggle to convert red zone appearances into touchdowns, Nugent's consistency becomes vital for Cincinnati's scoring machine.