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Bengals TE Jermaine Gresham Could Have Big Game

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When it comes to a defense giving up big games to opposing tight ends, we're usually talking about the Bengals defense and whatever tight end they happen to be getting beat by in a particular week. However, this time that's not the case.

In the last three games that the Jacksonville Jaguars have played, they have allowed opposing tight ends to catch 23 passes for 290 yards and three touchdowns.

In week two, the Jaguars fell to the New York Jets by a score of 32-3. Tight end Dustin Keller let the Jets' offense in receiving with six catches for 101 yards and a touchdown.

In week three, the Jaguars fell to the Carolina Panthers by a score of 16-10. Once again they allowed the opposing tight end to lead the team in receiving. Greg Olsen caught seven passes for 57 yards and a touchdown.

Then last week, the Saints beat up on the Jaguars by a score of 23-10 and once again the opposing tight end did quite a bit of damage. Tight end Jimmy Graham caught 10 passes for 132 yards and a touchdown.

Jermaine Gresham has caught 18 passes for 187 yards and two touchdowns this week. He's one of the most physically gifted tight ends in the league and he's a red zone matchup nightmare from hell for almost any defense. If the Bengals use him not only as a safety net for rookie quarterback Andy Dalton but to stretch the field, he could have a huge day. 

The most yards that Gresham has had in a game so far in his short career was against the Colts last season when Gresham racked up 85 yards and a touchdown on nine catches. I wouldn't be surprised to see Gresham break 100 yards receiving for the first time in his career today.