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Bengals Defense Bails Coaching Staff Out After No Challenge

Bengals running back Bernard Scott lines up in the backfield for consecutive drives. And again Scott makes does nothing to produce on offense. After a one-yard gain due after slipping near the line of scrimmage, Scott falls out of bounds as he catches a screen pass for a five-yard loss. Not that the loss is his fault, due to Jacksonville reading the screen so well, but during Benson's one possession in the first quarter, the Bengals scored a touchdown. Scott takes over in consecutive drives and the Bengals end possessions with an interception and a punt from their own six-yard line. Just pointing that out.

Jacksonville takes over at midfield with 10:14 remaining in the second quarter. And it again a third-down conversion continues Jacksonville's possession.

Mike Thomas has a Blaine Gabbert fast ball slip through his hands, followed with a rollout to the left to go out of bounds after a six-yard gain. With third-and-four, Michael Johnson sprints towards Gabbert unblocked and (somehow) misses the quarterback for an easy sack. Gabbert finds Mike Thomas for a 14-yard gain and the first down.

On the following play Jones-Drew rushes for 25 yards which shouldn't have been, if Marvin Lewis and the Bengals challenged the play. Reggie Nelson hits Jones-Drew after a limited gain, where his knee briefly touches the ground. Instead the Jaguars setup at the Bengals five-yard line. Gabbert scrambled to his left on first down, knocked out just before end zone, followed with an incomplete pass to Mike Thomas in the end zone. Third-and-three from the Bengals three-yard line with 7:47 remaining in the first half, Gabbert hits Karim for a one-yard gain with a great tackle from Reggie Nelson as soon as the reception is made.

Jacksonville takes a 13-7 lead after Josh Scobee converted the 20-yard field goal.