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Andy Dalton And Jermaine Gresham Tie The Game At 13 (Nugent Fails PAT)

Compounded by terrible special teams play from Brandon Tate doing absolutely nothing to give Cincinnati an advantage, the Bengals offense is returns their ineffective first half personality. A bobbled yet completed six-yard reception by Jermaine Gresham sets up a third-and-two from their own 16-yard line with 5:49 left in the second quarter. Cedric Benson takes the hand off and he's immediately forced to stretch a run towards the right sidelines, tackled after a three-yard loss.

Kevin Huber punted the football 55 yards setting Jacksonville up at their own 31-yard line with 4:57 remaining. After a limited three-yard gain by Karim and an incomplete to Mike Thomas, Blaine Gabbert badly sails a pass to towards the right sidelines for an incomplete pass, forcing Jacksonville to punt.

Brandon Tate, who has struggled throughout much of this game, posted a 22-yard punt return putting the Bengals at their own 48-yard line. Dalton and Green hook up for a first down gain before Nate Livings is called for an offensive holding that puts Cincinnati behind schedule. The Bengals eventually went for it on fourth-and-six, rather than going for a 50-plus yard field goal. They convert with a quick pass on a slant to A.J. Green to A.J. Green.

With 21 seconds remaining in the second quarter, the Bengals offense lines up third and goal from the Jacksonville three-yard line. Dalton in shotgun with Brian Leonard to his left, looks over the middle and rolls right. The quarterback finds Jermaine Gresham in the end zone for a three-yard touchdown pass on a sliding reception by the tight end. Mike Nugent fails to convert the extra point after hitting the right upright. Game remains tied at 13.