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Jacksonville Takes A 20-16 Lead After Blaine Gabbert 74-Yard Touchdown Pass

And just as the Cincinnati Bengals broke the 13-point stalemate in with over nine minutes remaining in the game, the Jacksonville Jaguars took advantage of a blown coverage between Reggie Nelson and Leon Hall. After an end around by Mike Thomas lost four yards thanks to a Manny Lawson tackle, Blaine Gabbert fakes the handoff with no imminent pressure.

Jason Hill, lined up wide left, sprints down the sidelines on the left. Hall appeared to be in zone coverage, protecting anything underneath and in the flats whereas safety help was none existent. Gabbert launches down the left sidelines for a wide open Hills, scoring a 74-yard touchdown reception to take a 20-16 lead with 8:24, snapping a streak of five consecutive incomplete passes.