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Seattle CB Richard Sherman Takes Shot at A.J. Green

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Seattle Seahawks rookie cornerback Richard Sherman made his first start on Sunday, and covered Bengals rookie wide receiver A.J. Green for most of the game. The fifth-round corner made an impact in the game by picking off a pass intended for Green. And for the most part had an overall solid day as a rookie corner covering a top-five draft pick from the same year. 

It seems that Sherman doesn't believe in letting his play speak for itself. The two players were caught jawing at each other for a lot of the game. Well, Sherman didn't just run his mouth on the field, after the game he shared his opinion of A.J. Green to the local Seattle media. 

Sherman told local radio reporter Curtis Crabtree: 

I would say he's probably one of the most overrated receivers out there. He wasn't anything special.

Really? The rookie wide receiver, who leads all first-year wide receivers in touchdowns and receptions, isn't anything special? Alright, what else does he have to say. 

Dalton was a good quarterback. He makes good decisions

I'd say he's speaking the truth. Even with two interceptions, Dalton performed well overall. 

...but AJ Green is just a lot of noise talking and bad routes.

Really? I haven't seen many of these bad routes Sherman speaks of.

Maybe Sherman is just being a sore loser? The post-game quote was coming from a player who's team just let up another 14 points in the last five minutes or so of the game. So it's plausible he's just angry about the loss. 

Maybe the Bengals new star wide receivers has a little bit of a mouth on him? I have seen him jaw a little with corners here and there. The Bengals wouldn't draft another talented receiver with a mouth on him, would they?