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Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton Nominated For NFLPA Pulse Award

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The NFLPA Pulse Awards is an event that "honors players for excellence on and off the field." The ceremony, which includes a red carpet pre-show event, the chance for people to hang out with players during parties before and after the event. Awards will be handed out during event with the following categories: Emerging Player, Heart of the Game, Comeback Player and Endurance. Fans will be given the opportunity to vote among the nomination who they think deserve each award.

One of those awards features a Bengals player that you can help with your vote using a few seconds and mouse clicks.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is one of five players nominated for Emerging Player of the Year with Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Saints tight end Jimmy Graham. Bengals players weren't nominated for any of the other awards featuring the fan vote, though we're fairly certain that Andrew Whitworth looks intimidating enough to apply to all of them.

So make sure to cast your vote and help Dalton beat 'em.