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Cedric Benson Records Over 100 Yards Rushing Against The Cleveland Browns

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Earlier this week we made it a point to feature Cedric Benson as a critical component for Cincinnati's playoff run this year. Jason Garrison wrote it as the team's top key for victory this weekend against the Cleveland Browns while the gorgeous Josh Kirkendall labeled Benson as this week's fantasy football sleeper of the week. And Benson exploded out of the gate during Cincinnati's 23-20 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Soon after Cleveland opened the game with an 82-yard touchdown drive, the Bengals took to the field with Cedric Benson sporting an aura of anger, determination and that fierce competitiveness. After all this is the Cleveland Browns. The same team that Benson has worn down for over 100 yards rushing and at least a rushing touchdown in consecutive games dating back to December 19, 2010.

In the first quarter on Sunday, Benson posted 64 yards rushing on nine carries including a 16-yard touchdown run towards the end of the first quarter to tie the game at seven. Granted the most important run in the first quarter on fourth and goal from the one-yard line came up inches short, Benson was Cincinnati's only effective option running the football posting 106 yards rushing (with Cincinnati passing the football a lot in the second half) for a five-yard average.

It's the third consecutive game that Benson surpassed 100 yards rushing against the Browns and the fourth 100-yard rushing game in his six career meetings against the Browns as a Bengals running back. It's also the third game this season that Benson has posted over 100 yards rushing, with the first against the Browns in week one and the second against the Bills in week four.