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League Fines Bengals DT Domata Peko and WR Andre Caldwell for Actions In Week 8 Game Against Seahawks

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The Bengals have reached $32,500 in fines levied by the NFL after defensive tackle Domata Peko was fined $7,500 and Andre Caldwell was fined $5,000 for unnecessary roughness in the Bengals' Week 8 matchup in Seattle against the Seahawks.

Peko was fined for ripping the helmet of Seahawks running back Marshawk Lynch off his head in the third-quarter of the Bengals' 34-12 win, for which he was penalized in the game.

Caldwell was fined for striking Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner in the second quarter after a seven-yard run by Andy Dalton. Even though Caldwell was flagged on the play, there was no penalty because of a defensive penalty that caused the two to offset. The league called what Caldwell did, "unnecessarily striking an opponent."

These are the only two fines against the Bengals other than a $20,000 fine against Cedric Peerman for an "illegal" hit on a Colts player on a punt return.